Company Profile

EmulGreen is a Canadian-German green chemistry startup that pushes towards a more sustainable chemicals sector. Our current focus lies on emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are compounds that bind oil and water. As a rule of thumb, 70 % of all everyday consumables contain emulsifiers. A world without them would mean a world without shampoo, chocolate or even important medication.


Our Value Proposition

High-performance emulsifiers
based on natural resources that
give enhanced emulsion properties


Natural Resources

Our emulsifiers

  • are based on agricultural and forestry feedstocks
  • avoid ecotoxicity issues
  • follow the Cradle2Cradle principle
  • are produced based on the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • give your company the chance to fulfill your commitments to sustainability / environmental policies and leverage end-consumer satisfaction.

High Performance

Customers who use our products

  • need up to 90 % fewer emulsifier quantities
  • can avoid co-stabilizers in their formulations
  • can avoid formulation foaming problems

Enhanced Emulsion Properties

Customers who use our products can produce emulsions with

  • heat resistance
  • cold resistance
  • pH resistance
  • enhanced shelf life


EmulGreen emulsifiers

  • are derived from plants, follow the Cradle2Cradle principle (biodegrade) and avoid ecotoxicity issues
  • are extremely effective and, therefore, significantly lower the required quantities to make emulsion-based products
  • show the potential to eliminate the addition of co-stabilizers
  • lead to extended emulsion shelf life
  • give emulsions with enhanced heat, cold and pH resistance
  • prevent formulation foaming problems
  • contribute to a lower carbon footprint
  • are mild to the skin

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Our product portfolio

EmulGreen currently offers three demonstration products that have been proven in the laboratory environment. We are producing at our R&D facility in Ontario, Canada.

Our emulsifiers have been primarily developed for the cosmetics market, but they are suitable for every other industry.




GreenField Ⅰ

Our standard product that allows your company to shift towards a more renewable production while significantly reducing emulsifier quantities. GreenField I is designed for smaller businesses or low margin industries that aim to implement green chemicals.


  • Conventional technology
  • Agriculture-based feedstocks

GreenField Ⅱ

GreenField II is your companies first step towards implementing a new emulsifier technology* that allows you to use up to 90 % less emulsifier and avoid the addition of co-stabilizers in your formulations. With GreenField II you can avoid formulation foaming problems and obtain enhanced emulsion properties such as pH and temperature resistance.

  • EmulGreen Technology
  • Agriculture-based feedstocks

GreenWoods Ⅰ

Currently in development.


  • EmulGreen Technology
  • Forestry-based feedstocks

EmulGreen uses a proprietary technology to make a new type of more efficient emulsifiers.
When using conventional emulsifiers, a significant amount is lost to the water phase and not absorbed at the oil/water interface. This does not occur with EmulGreen products

EmulGreen clearly shows that green is better.


Our market focus




Entry barriers: Low

Margins: Medium




Entry barriers: High

Margins: High

Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage


Entry barriers: Medium to high

Margins: Low

EmulGreen has identified three major markets of interest and decided to enter the cosmetics market due to comparably low entry barriers and reasonable margins for a sustainable growth.



Market research and serviceable obtainable market in 2019


The cosmetics market has comparably low entry barriers and high margins. North America, Germany and France are considered to be the major hubs for emulsifiers. EmulGreen plans to serve $ 0.4 million in 2019/2020 and up-scale in 2021.
The leading for companies hold 17% of the global emulsifier market (DowCorning, BASF SE, AkzoNobel and Evonik Industries). The rest of the market is highly fragmented.


Launching new products is the key strategy adopted by the leading players in the emulsifiers market. It accounted for 48.57 % of all growth strategies between 2011 and 2016.
The ratio of synthetic emulsifiers to bio-based emulsifiers is 70:30 in the global emulsifier market. The higher feedstock cost and inhomogenous feedstocks are pulling manufacturers back.


EmulGreen’s founders

 Joe Glasing | Chief Scientist

Joe develops EmulGreen’s products. He gained expertise in the areas of Polymer and Material Science, Green Chemistry, and Renewable Resources in North America and Europe. His motivation to replace ecologically harmful chemical products has pushed him towards the founding of EmulGreen.

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Teodor Lange | Head of Business

Degree in Chemistry and Business from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany

Ted has earned experience in biological research and business in the US and Europe. Before founding EmulGreen, he was managing teams of intrapreneurs in a startup-like environment and worked in management and finance consulting.

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